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7 Signs Your Spouse is Cheating on You

Some people discover that their spouses are having affairs in very direct and conclusive ways—like catching them in the act or finding clothes in a bedroom – but many others suffer the emotional roller coaster of anxiety, fear, and heartache of suspecting an affair without actual proof. While both are equally painful, the sooner you know the truth, the sooner you can begin to move forward.

At Capital Protection & Investigations, Private Investigator Michael Frassetti handles numerous cases of adultery that often come down to seven common denominators: seven signs that clients say they recognized before reaching out for answers.

1. New Privacy Settings

Has your significant other recently become more concerned with the privacy of his information? Did you notice she changed the passcode on her phone or computer? This could be a sign that your spouse has something to hide and is taking action to ensure that you don’t find it.

2. Working Overtime

Have you noticed a change to your spouse’s working habits? Is she working overtime more often than usual? Maybe he’s going on frequent work “conferences” and leaving for full weekends at a time. Work is one of the most common and easy-to-use covers for having an affair.

3. Not in “The Mood”

Have you notice a change to or loss of your partner’s sex drive? This could be happening because he is finding satisfaction outside of the relationship. Your partner could also be feeling guilty about an affair and is finding it difficult to engage in displays of physical affection.

4. Smartphone Zombie

Is your partner spending an unusual amount of time on the phone or computer? Do you notice him texting more often than normal? If your significant other seems to be attached to the computer or phone, there may be someone else on the other end of it.

5. On Edge

If you notice a change in the mood of your significant other, this could be a sign that there’s something going on behind the scenes. Irritability and moodiness towards you could be a red flag, as your partner may be pulling away from you or feeling guilty that they’ve found someone else.

6. Cleans Up Too Nicely

Is she dressing up nicer than usual? Is he putting more effort into his wardrobe lately? If your spouse seems to have found a renewed desire to look good, he or she may be trying to impress someone new.

7. You Feel It In Your Gut

More than 95% of clients that hire Capital Protection & Investigations are correct about their suspicions about a cheating spouse. Clients often admit that they knew, on an intuitional level, that their spouses were cheating on them. If you feel it in your gut, you deserve to get answers.

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