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Executive Protection & High Net-Worth Bodyguard Services

Are you constantly worried about whether you are doing enough to protect your family and wealth? Do news headlines about high-profile robberies have you on edge? At Capital Protection & Investigations, we offer 24/7 bodyguard and other security services to clients throughout Sarasota who are concerned about protecting their residence and other high-value assets.

Although you might think that only celebrities and other important public figures use bodyguards, the truth is many high net-worth individuals utilize bodyguard services to ensure the safety of themselves and their loved ones.

Types of People Who Should Consider Bodyguard Services

  • CEOs & Executives: Many CEOs and executives of top companies have private security to protect themselves from threats to their safety and finances. From disgruntled employees to corporate crimes, there are numerous situations a CEO might find themselves in where they need a skilled bodyguard.
  • Money Handlers: Do you often have to transport or handle large sums of money? Money handlers are prime targets for theft. A bodyguard can stand watch and observe your surroundings at all times to detect suspicious behavior and make sure you and the money you handle are protected.
  • Wealthy Individuals: If you have a high net-worth, you and your residence might be a target for thieves. But with private security services, you and your family can have peace of mind knowing that you are safe and in good hands.
  • Celebrities & Professional Athletes: Actors, singers, and athletes from popular sports should have bodyguards with them at all times because they are more likely to be harassed or bothered due to their fame. Furthermore, if a celebrity or athlete has an armed guard with them, there is no reason for the celebrity to carry a weapon, something that often gets famous people into trouble and put on the front page of tabloids.

Reasons to Hire Professional Bodyguards

  • A bodyguard will protect you from physical harm and other threats
  • A bodyguard can quickly determine a person’s true motives
  • A bodyguard knows when a situation might become dangerous
  • A bodyguard constantly checks for vulnerabilities
  • A bodyguard deters assailants

Our team of professional bodyguards understands that you are concerned about protecting your wealth and family, which is why we are here to assist you. Call (888) 380-3946 to schedule your free confidential consultation with a member of our team today to discuss all of your security options and the many services we provide at Capital Protection & Investigations.