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Sarasota Community Security Services

Protecting Condominiums, Apartments, Gated Communities & More

In today’s news, you can see stories of property crimes, violent crimes, thefts, and more on every page. Even if you only stay atop news from your neighborhood – such as local neighborhood safety app feeds – you will unfortunately be reminded again and again of how low some people will stoop. The truth is we live in uncertain and dangerous times. To protect yourself and others in your community from criminal acts, count on Capital Protection & Investigations in Sarasota for comprehensive and reliable community security services.

Our guards are all former law enforcement agents or military veterans or reservists. In other words, they are tough-as-nails individuals who also think strategically in times of crisis, such as an active shooting situation. Get these highly-trained professionals to watch over your community and sleep easy again.

Community security services are great if you own or manage the following property types:

  • Condominium complexes: Upscale condominiums can be found throughout Sarasota and the surrounding region. Thieves and burglars recognize upscale neighborhoods, though, and tend to target them in the middle of the night. Our guards can give them plenty of reasons to think more than twice.
  • Apartment blocks: Your apartment block or complex can be a hotspot for criminal activity if you do not prioritize security protocols. With so many people living together in close quarters, crime can go unchecked. Let Capital Protection & Investigations get in under control.
  • Gated communities: Does your gated community have a front guard post that goes unmanned? Or, do you not trust your current guards to do their job adequately? Time to get our professionals in that guard post instead! Vigilance is second nature to our guards.
  • Private neighborhoods: We can even provide community security services for private, ungated neighborhoods. In such communities, the biggest problem is often juvenile crimes, like vandalism, stalking, and breaking-and-entering crimes done by juveniles who don’t like there. Keep your private neighborhood private with our help.

Discuss the details of your private security detail for your community by calling us at (888) 364-6185 today.

What Will Our Guards Do to Improve Security?

There are many responsibilities a community guard needs to carry out each day and night to keep your neighborhood safe and sound. However, it is no challenge for our guards here at Capital Protection & Investigations. Remember: Our guards all have law enforcement and military backgrounds, as well as extensive training in security protocols, situational awareness, active shooter situations, de-escalation, detainment, and more. In other words, we are fully confident you won’t find any community security service with more qualified to protect you, your family, and your tenants in Sarasota.

Some of the duties our guards can conduct while acting as your community security detail:

  • Entrance and exit monitoring: One of the simplest ways of keeping crime out of your community is also one of the most effective: monitoring who goes in and out of your community. For gated communities, apartment blocks, and condo complexes with one or two entrance points, we highly recommend you allow our guards to keep an eye on and control those points. If someone is not permitted to be in your community, then we can stop them from entering at all. We can also keep tabs on any suspicious characters who are allowed to enter the community to see when – or if – they leave.
  • Trespasser detection and detainment: When our guards are not working a front community gate, they can patrol your neighborhood in plain clothes, if preferred. This allows them to blend into their surroundings better and look for trespassers without raising an immediate alarm. If a trespasser or criminal is identified, our guards can use their unique and advanced training to swiftly and safely detain them, allowing the police to take over when they arrive.
  • Suspicious vehicle control: Our guards are trained to spot trespassers who try to hide in plain sight. For example, if a plumbing van has been parked on a corner for days, then we will notice and take appropriate action to verify the can has a legitimate reason to be there.
  • Immediate crime response: Members in your community can seek out our guards for immediate help when faced with a criminal who means them harm. For example, if someone is stalking a community member around the neighborhood, then the victim could go to the guard post after calling the police. Our guard can react instantly to give protection and a sense of security.
  • Criminal activity discouragement: Overall, the presence of our guards from Capital Protection & Investigations help deter and discourage criminal activity from ever happening. Some of the worst crime comes from organized efforts. Yet organized criminals pay attention neighborhood and community updates. When word spreads that your community is secured and patrolled by our guards, they will want to look for another place to carry out their misdeeds.

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As a community manager, it is your responsibility to provide reasonable security to community members. Take the weight of that responsibility off your shoulders by letting Capital Protection & Investigations handle it. If you are part of a community HOA, or fi there are regular HOA meetings for your community and you are just a resident there, bring up improving security with our help at the next meeting. There is no time to waste when it comes to securing your safety.

Our guards are duty-bound to serve and protect. Put them in your Sarasota community today by calling (888) 364-6185 and scheduling an initial consultation.

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