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In the United States, it is estimated that over 90,000 people are considered missing at any given time. If a loved one disappeared under mysterious circumstances, or you simply need to track someone down who you’ve lost touch with, getting a skilled private investigator to look into the matter and help you locate that person can yield the results you are seeking.

Capital Protection & Investigations has a history of success with locating missing persons by using a variety of techniques and drawing from numerous resources. Even in cases that seem impossible to solve, getting the skillset and informed perspective of a private investigator can change everything.

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Don’t Just Rely on Police to Find a Missing Person

Although law enforcement officers are trained to handle a variety of emergency situations, finding a person who really doesn’t want to be found is not an area they tend to spend a significant amount of time and resources on. This is because most missing person cases start with a family member going to the police station for immediate help. However, the first question police will ask is, “How long have they been missing?” If the family member’s response is anything less than 24 hours, then the police will simply tell them to go home and wait until 24 hours have passed. After 24 hours they can file a missing person report.

At Capital Protection & Investigations, we understand that a lot can happen to your loved one in 24 hours. Although the police might not think your loved one is in danger, we know that might not be necessarily true. That is why we will actively search for your loved one using our extensive resources before the initial waiting period is over.

How a Private Investigator Can Help Find Your Person

A private investigator is aware of how to track down virtually anyone, even with a limited amount of information. With access to databases and information that others do not have access to, a private investigator can maximize your chances of locating the person whom you are seeking.

Who are you looking for?

  • An Old Friend You Lost Touch With
  • A Runaway Child
  • A Missing Parent
  • A Loved One Who Disappeared
  • A Long-Lost Love
  • A Co-Worker
  • A Witness
  • A Relative
  • A Debtor Who Owes You Money
  • A Child You Gave Up for Adoption

Our comprehensive services include:

  • Health and Welfare Checks
  • Background Checks
  • Video and Still photography
  • Liaison with Law Enforcement
  • Skip Tracing

Tampa and Sarasota private investigator Michael Frassetti can help you reconnect with any of these people and more. Don’t spend one more minute wondering, take action today!

Don't Wait to Hire a Professional to Help You Locate Your Missing or Lost Person

You may have spent years ruminating about the past and wondering what you might say if you ever had the chance to see the person you are seeking again. The time for waiting is over. Make those wishes a reality with the help of a private investigator.

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