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Surveillance services involve the art of watching someone in order to document their contacts, activities, and whereabouts. It can provide you with information about the individuals in question while allowing you to maintain a relationship of trust with them. Oftentimes, Michael Frassetti can perform reconnaissance on anyone, from people’s spouses to caretakers and even employees.

Before you decide how to best go about investigatingsomeone, it is important to keep a few things in mind:

Don’t Try to Conduct Surveillance on Your Own!

When you break the law with regards to surveillance tactics, not only can you face harsh penalties, but also any evidence you acquire will be deemed invalid in a court of law. Hiring a private investigator to conduct the surveillance will ensure you are not breaking the law.

Don’t Hire an Unlicensed or Inexperienced Investigator!

Before you hire a private investigator, you need to make sure that they are licensed and have the training and experience necessary to get the job done. When you are looking for efficient, thorough, and discreet services, you can count on Capital Protection and Investigations.

What Types of Devices Do Private Investigators Use?

We use a variety of technological devices when clients turn to us for our surveillance services. We are familiar with the rules regarding the use of different devices for each jurisdiction we work in. Our surveillance practices include:

  • Physical Surveillance: This type of surveillance generally involves viewing and following the surveillance target. It is mostly conducted by observing the target from a certain distance or cleverly approaching the subject without being detected or looking suspicious. Physical surveillance is commonly used in the spousal investigations we conduct. The use of GPS tracking, binoculars, and recording devices, are common with this surveillance practice.
  • Technical Surveillance: Sometimes called A/V surveillance, technical surveillance is used in nearly every type of investigation we conduct on behalf of clients. The goal of this practice is to gather evidence that can be played back and reviewed later. This involves recording devices like movement sensors, cameras, microphones, voice, and video recorders.
  • Digital Surveillance: This form of surveillance consists of following the subject’s behavior online. This can be achieved without being too intrusive. But if necessary, we can take a more intrusive approach, such as viewing the web history and social media presence of the subject to find potential evidence. We can also perform background checks and use public and open-source records to look into the subject’s history.

Reach Out to Michael Frassetti Today

Michael Frassetti utilizes the best tools in the business to get you the results you desire. He can provide you with the following intelligence:

  • Photographs
  • Videos
  • Audio recordings
  • Written reports

He takes the time to identify your needs before determining what types of surveillance should be used. He has many qualifications that set him apart in his field including a bachelor in law degree from American Military University and an extensive career as an NYPD officer.

Whether you are dealing with the suspicion that your spouse may be cheating or would like assistance locating your birth parents, know that you can turn to Capital Protection and Investigations, a Sarasota surveillance company you can trust.

For the peace of mind and answers you deserve, contact Michael Frassetti today for a free and confidential consultation. You can reach him by calling (888) 364-6185 now!

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