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Following a divorce or break-up, one of the most contentious issues two parents can seek to resolve is that of child custody. If you are convinced your child’s other parent is not suitable for having custody of the child but need concrete proof, look no further than our team at Capital Protection & Investigations.

Our Sarasota child custody investigator, Michael Frassetti, understands how difficult a divorce proceeding is and can help to ensure that the best interests of you and your children remain protected.

The point of a child custody investigation is to establish visitation rights and the proper custodial roles. When it comes to protecting, serving, and promoting your children’s best interests, a family law attorney can only go so far. If your spouse has shown a pattern of domestic violence, an addiction to drugs or alcohol, or has tried to remove your children from the court’s jurisdiction, we can help you prove this and more.

In doing so, we seek to get a fighting chance at you proving to the courts just how important it is you secure primary or sole custody of your children. The best course of action for you to take is to simply uncover the information you have known or suspected all along. If you have concerns over alimony and feel the expectations are unfair, we can also provide you with investigative services to ensure you are being treated fairly.

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Don’t waste another moment worrying about your child and their wellbeing while in the hands of your ex. Allow us at Capital Protection & Investigations to relieve you of any worry or stress by doing everything in our power to deliver you the answers you need. We understand discretion is the utmost concern you may have when you enlist our services, and you can rest assured you are working with the right professional when Michael Frassetti is on your side. He will work with your attorney, can help you find an attorney, and he is highly experience in providing court room testimony.

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