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Sarasota Alimony Reduction Investigations

Seeking an Alimony Adjustment? We May Be Able to Help.

Alimony is “spousal support” paid to a former spouse. When a couple separates or divorces, they will typically make an alimony agreement to determine which spouse will provide the other with financial support to. The spouse must then fulfill the alimony requirements according to the agreement. Even though you may have agreed to an alimony plan initially, it is common and understandable to feel as though the divorce terms are no longer fair as time goes by.

How to Avoid Alimony and Spousal Support When It Is Unfair

You may feel as though you are paying too much in spousal support, considering a change in your former spouse’s living circumstances. On the flip side, you may have concerns that your former spouse is not rendering you as much support as they should, considering a change in their income or circumstances. If you are pursuing how to not pay alimony, you may discover opportunities to reduce the financial obligation under the right circumstances.

Ideally, your former spouse should report these changes to the court in order to make fair modifications to the divorce agreement. However, it is not uncommon for individuals to avoid this step in order to avoid paying more. If you have suspicions that your ex-spouse is not paying you a fair amount of alimony, or that a change in your ex-spouse's circumstances warrants an alimony modification or reduction on your end, it may be time to contact a private investigator.

What Can Capital Protection & Investigations Do for You?

Our private investigator can investigate your former spouse’s living situation and help make determinations about whether they are paying fair and reasonable alimony.

If you would like to pursue an alimony reduction in Sarasota, our investigator can help determine if your former spouse’s circumstances have changed in the following ways:

  • The spouse is less in need, either due to higher income or through substantial financial gain (e.g. through an inheritance)
  • The spouse is now being financially supported by another partner after your divorce
  • The spouse is misusing the alimony payments (spending in ways that violate your original agreement)

If you believe that your former spouse should be paying you more in spousal support, we can help determine if the following are true:

  • The spouse is now receiving a higher income or has acquired great financial gain, and is now capable of providing you with more support
  • The spouse now has a lower cost of living, enabling him or her to provide more support

Investigating Alimony Modification and Reduction in Sarasota and Tampa

Capital Protection & Investigations can gather evidence regarding your former spouse’s living situation and use that information when you make an appeal to the court about modifying the alimony agreement from the divorce.

When you enlist the help of our licensed and professional private investigator in Sarasota, know that your case will be handled with the utmost discretion. Your privacy and safety are important to us, and we know how to navigate these situations without compromising those things. If you are in the midst of child custody deliberations, we can also provide investigative service to protect you and your family.

Contact Capital Protection & Investigations today to find our how we can help get the evidence and answers you need to move forward.

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