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Are you seeking protection from a security service you can trust in your time of need? Upscale armed security has become a necessity now more than ever, and we at Capital Protection & Investigations have quickly become the number one choice for protection and investigative services in the Sarasota and Tampa areas. Not only do we offer our excellent services for all of your private events, we are also capable of protecting you at public venues and occasions.

Some of the areas we offer our protection include conferences, upscale parties, VIP entertainment events, places of worship, corporate events, and more. We are also well-equipped to provide safety for public figures, extending our services to armed transportation in luxury vehicles or even private jets. In-home protection is also one of our specialties because we want you to not only feel safe in public--we want to extend that feeling of safety to the privacy of your own home.

Here are just a few reasons why we at Capital Protection & Investigations should be your ultimate choice in upscale armed security:

  • All of our guards are trained to blend in with their surroundings--our guards do not wear uniforms, preventing you from being an open target
  • All of our guards have either law enforcement or military backgrounds
  • All of our guards are highly-trained, including active shooter training

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When you enlist our team at Capital Protection & Investigations for Sarasota and Tampa security services, you can rest assured you are siding yourself with the best of the best. No matter the challenges or complexities of your particular situation, you can rest assured we have seen it all. Our priority is protecting you, and we will stop at nothing to do so. Allow us to keep you safe--the peace of mind you will have is priceless. Learn more about what we can do to help you and contact us to discuss your situation today.

If you would like to schedule an initial consultation with our trusted Florida private investigator, contact us by calling (888) 364-6185.

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