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Social Media Searches for Sarasota Residents

Sarasota Private Investigator

There is a wealth of information on social media these days. Whether you need to locate a missing person, prove an employee violated company policies, or discover if your ex is doing anything that would jeopardize your children’s welfare, Michael Frassetti can help you.

A public record search can tell you about past accidents, injuries, and arrests. Social media can tell you about an individual’s relatives, interests and places they like to frequent. This information can provide you with the necessary material to begin surveillance, an asset search, etc.

Where Are the Best Places to Get Information?

Examples of valuable resources in any type of investigation include:

  • Online photo albums
  • Profile pages
  • Status updates
  • Tweets
  • Wall comments
  • And more

Capital Protection and Investigations can perform an investigation on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Instagram, Flickr, YouTube, Skype, and more. Michael Frassetti can also look into blogging websites, online gaming sites, dating sites, and buying/selling sites.

Why Shouldn’t I Just Search Social Media Myself?

With social media as a newer form of evidence in court, you need to make sure you do not improperly collect data and invalidate it. Take a break from searching Facebook, Twitter, blogs and other social media sites for the evidence you seek and leave it to an experienced private investigator like Michael Frassetti.

He not only knows about the countless social media sites out there, he knows how to obtain data both legally and ethically so that it will stand up in a court of law. By having a professional social media search conducted, you can have confidence about who you bring into your home, school or office. Whether you are embroiled in a workers’ compensation case, personal injury case, civil lawsuit or child custody case, Capital Protection and Investigations can help you via social media searches.

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