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Like any business or home, your place of worship should feel safe. It’s an unfortunate reality that more and more places of worship are becoming the targets of violence or unruly individuals. At Capital Protection & Investigations, we believe that every person should have the right to worship in peace. Let our security professional worry about the details of security, so you can focus on connecting spiritually.

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Why Does My Place of Worship Need Security?

No matter what faith you follow, you deserve to feel safe while you worship, pray, fellowship with others, and center your spirit. While the news is filled with terrifying tales of attacks on worshipers, there are a number of other security concerns that still may affect your place of worship.

Your place of worship may be a center for spirituality, but there are plenty of material belongings that can be targeted by thieves, including audio-visual equipment, monetary offerings, furnishings, decorations, and more. Vandalism of church, mosque, synagogue, or temple property is also a concern.

If there are children on the property, such as in a daycare program, a religious study program, or other facility, it is even more critical to have security you can count on. Having an extra set of eyes on the property can prevent a number of security issues, especially when there are children are involved.

Tragically one of the biggest threats to places of worship and worshipers are relationship problems. There have been many attacks over the years that are due simply to someone acting in hate towards peaceful worshipers they have developed a grudge against. With highly skilled threat management and security professionals working with you, you can breathe easier knowing there are dedicated guards watching over your safety.

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Capital Protections & Investigations is headed by a former NYPD officer. Michael Frassetti has a passion for protecting others, which drove him to create a business that offers personalized security and protection services to meet all your needs. Our team is composed entirely of highly skilled and trained individuals with law enforcement or military backgrounds. You can trust that you’ll receive only the highest quality of security services, and we will hold ourselves to the highest level of ethical practices and conduct. If you have other events needing security, contact our team for total protection and peace of mind.

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