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Gathering Evidence in a Criminal Case? Michael Frassetti Is a Sarasota Private Investigator with the Experience and Dedication You Need

Florida Criminal Investigations

JAC Appointed Private Investigator in Sarasota

If you need assistance gathering evidence or looking into a criminal case, Capital Protection & Investigation can help you. When law enforcement investigations produce little to no useful information in a criminal case, a private investigator can prove useful where they are not. We are here to help attorneys straighten out the important details of a criminal case, so they can move forward with their goals with the answers they need.

Gathering useable evidence can be effective for either criminal defense or for looking into a crime from the prosecution’s angle. Furthermore, it can be used to collect impartial evidence on any crime. Surveillance and searches through records can also be immensely enlightening to those involved in a criminal case.

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Why hire a Sarasota private investigator?

Mr. Michael Frassetti from Capital Protection & Investigation is a former NYPD police officer who employs his vast experience and many skills to help uncover the facts about criminal cases. He is a JAC appointed Investigator by the State of Florida. JAC is Justice Administration Commission for court appointed cases. This service is available to attorneys who need assistance investigating criminal cases.

A criminal investigator can assist you in all the following ways and more:

  • Legally provide you with significant portions of usable evidence
  • Help you discover the truth in the case of a wrongful accusation or conviction
  • Law enforcement investigators are often busy with other tasks. Michael Frassetti will devote his time and attention to your investigation
  • Lend assistance to law enforcement investigators who may be short on time or resources
  • Conduct an investigation that is not limited by jurisdiction

Get the Support You Need.

With decades of experience performing in-depth investigations, you will be receiving top-quality, skilled investigation services from Capital Protection & Investigations. It is no secret that the time of law enforcement officials is already devoted to countless other responsibilities, and as such, hiring a private investigator assist with the search for evidence can make all the difference.

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Reasons to Choose Michael Frassetti

  • Former NYPD Officer

  • Free Consultations Provided

  • Licensed & Professional Investigator

  • Each Case Is Handled With The Utmost Discretion

  • Your Safety Will Be Prioritized Every Step Of The Way

  • Committed To Delivering Client-Centered & Ethical Services