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9 Reasons to Hire Security for Your Community

Communities such as apartment complexes, neighborhoods, and community shopping or recreation centers attract more than just families and residents. They’re often targets for crimes such as theft, burglary, and vandalism. With a high concentration of vehicles and possessions comes greater temptation for unwelcome visitors. But security guards can make a big difference on a daily basis.

Here are 9 reasons you should consider hiring security for your community center or neighborhood:

  1. Increase in property value. Potential residents value safe communities, especially if they have children. They will support (and pay for) investments that protect community members.
  2. Automatic deterrent to burglars or vandals. The presence of onsite security significantly reduces a criminal’s willingness to target a certain location, especially if the guard’s uniform resembles that of a police officer.
  3. Efficient and organized response to crime. If someone decides to commit a crime in your community, security will have a plan in place to act quickly and call in necessary reinforcement. Preparation can go a long way toward mitigating damage or danger in a timely manner.
  4. Efficient and organized response to other emergencies. Security guards are trained in handling the unexpected. If you or someone you love is suddenly injured, ill, or otherwise placed in danger, onsite guards will be ready to assist at a moment’s notice.
  5. Additional method of collecting evidence. With images and video captured by security cameras installed throughout the premises, law enforcement can better pursue a criminal who manages to get away.
  6. Escorting opportunities. If a community member, employee, or customer needs additional security as they leave or enter the premise after dark, guards can provide a highly effective measure of protection.
  7. Advantages for special events. Security guards can monitor guest lists and attendees, handle crowd control, remove disruptive guests, and prevent vehicle break-ins.
  8. Security system maintenance. A security guard’s job description typically includes routine inspections of devices such as cameras, sensors, and control panels, all of which add an automatic component to your community’s security.
  9. Overall positive atmosphere. When residents and visitors feel safe, they are more inclined to enjoy outdoor activities such as jogging, walking dogs, or playing sports and games. Relationships between community members will likely improve as a result.

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