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Private Investigator Services for Negligent Nannies

With numerous horror stories of nannies guilty of neglect and maltreatment, parents are becoming more and more concerned about the people they invite into their homes to care for their children. It’s not surprising that more and more parents are turning to private investigators to give them the peace of mind that their children are safe.

Nanny Cams Don't Catch Everything

While nanny cams have been a popular and effective tool for keeping an eye on caretakers, they often miss a crucial element to babysitting: what happens outside of the home. At Capital Protection & Investigations, former NYPD officer, Michael Frassetti can offer private investigation services to uncover the truth about the person you trust to watch over your children.

Safety is Our Top Priority

Ultimately, Mr. Frassetti knows that the safety of your children is your top priority, so he makes it his too. He will utilize his extensive resources and superior investigative skill sets to watch for signs of distraction, negligence, and abuse and will maintain open and honest communication with you throughout the process.

You can trust Capital Protection & Investigations to ensure your child’s safety from negligent nannies. Give Mr. Frassetti a call to request your free and confidential consultation.