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How Lawyers Can Use Social Media as Evidence

Last month, a news story emerged based on a child support case in Tampa, Florida. A man took his ex-wife, Daren Pippio, to court to pursue a lower child support payment on the grounds that he could not afford it. He also requested more visitation time.

Social Media and Legal Cases

Pippio’s legal team found pictures of her ex-husband posted to Facebook of him celebrating the purchase of a brand new jeep, in addition to pictures of him drinking beer at a local bar during a visitation weekend. These pictures were submitted as evidence and the court ultimately ruled in Pippio’s favor.

This story is just one of many in recent years, as people share every aspect of their lives through social media. Lawyers representing all types of legal claims and lawsuits are turning to investigative experts to find posts and pictures that can supplement or even drive their cases.

At Capital Protection & Investigation, Michael Frassetti is a licensed professional who can provide a comprehensive and thorough social media investigation. He can analyze Facebook profiles, Twitter accounts, and Instagram pictures to find discrepancies and uncover the truth through posts, pictures, tweets, tags, check-ins, and more. He handles every case with discretion and is committed to delivering results for his clients.

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