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The Importance of Detailed & Accurate Background Investigations

It cannot be understated that having a comprehensive background check completed can be a critical step when investigating a potential new employee, hiring a nanny or babysitter, verifying new tenants, and a myriad of other situations. Unfortunately, some background checks are not conducted properly and may come up empty despite the fact that there are serious issues. In some cases people can lie about their criminal record, work history, and financial decisions.

The Importance of Background Checks

In a recent article from CNN, an Uber driver has been arrested for killing six people and seriously injuring two more in Kalamazoo, Michigan. What is frightening is that the Uber driver had passed a background check. While police are still investigating the cause of these shootings, it is heartbreaking situation and one that no one would expect from what appeared to be an even-tempered man and father of two.

We Offer Comprehensive Background Checks and Give Advice for Results

At Capital Protection & Investigations, we believe that you deserve to know the truth about anyone that you are going to entrust major responsibilities with. Mr. Frasetti is known for completing most of his background investigations within a 24 hour period. Not only that, but he can also guide you towards a plan of action that he recommends and help you move forward with the results.

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